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Grand River Rocks!

I just found out something fabulous.  There is a climbing gym under construction in Kitchener, called Grand River Rocks.  I have not posted about this yet, but my wife and I go climbing regularly, about once a week.  The gym we currently frequent, Climber's Rock, is in Burlington, which is about 1 hour away.  There is a closer gym in Guelph, The Guelph Grotto, but we started climbing at Climber's Rock because the friend that got us into climbing lives in Hamilton, and Climber's Rock is her home gym.  After going to Climber's Rock a few times, it was tough going to the Grotto, as it is an older style gym.  Thus we have being doing the hour drive to Burlington.

Information about Grand River Rocks is limited, they have a website that is still under construction, and a facebook page, with a little bit of info:

10,000 square feet of climbing wall
140 horizontal feet of continuous top out bouldering
38 foot high routes
Lead roof with over 60 feet of climbing
All angles of routes from slab to overhanging

I'm not exactly sure how that compares to Climber's Rock, but it sounds pretty good.  A local gym would let us climb more frequently and that will undoubtedly help us improve more quickly.

According to the facebook page they are hoping to open this summer.  I am very excited.

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