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Isn't food grand?  I mean seriously, what is better than a really good meal?  I like eating food and making food, although the making is really about the eventual eating.  I like to experiment with making new kinds of food and improving recipies via experimentation.  Now and again I will create my own recipes from scratch.  I am planning on trying to share my original recipies on here, although I don't want to simply post recipies copied from books or magazines.

Here is a quick run down of my food philosophy.

  1. I am willing to try anything and think that new techniques and styles of cooking are great, however ultimately its all about the eating.  If the food is not good, it does not matter how it was prepared or by who.
  2. I prefer simplicity over complexity, I want to enjoy flavours, not be overloaded by them.
  3. Good ingredients are key.  Fresh is best.
  4. "Organic" is a marketing term that is meaningless when comparing quality of ingredients, food safety or sustainability.
  5. Eating local is great for supporting local farmers and getting fresh food, but that is about it.  I am unconvinced that eating locally is necessarily better for the environment.

A few of the above statements touch on political/philosophical issues surrounding food and food production, so I want to make something clear.  I am definitely not saying that our current food productions methods are perfect and don't need to be changed.  However I don't believe that organic and local necessarily are the right way to fix them.  There seems to be more politics than science backing the claims of the organic and local movements.

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