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Tour de Bloc 2011 National Bouldering Finals

Today I went to the Tour de Bloc 2011 National Bouldering Finals.  It was pretty amazing.  The competition was really good, and the problems seemed appropreately difficult to separate the top climbers.  This was the first bouldering comp that I have attended.  It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to go to more in the future.  I took my Canon S95, but I made a rookie mistake.  I trusted the battery meter.  I checked the battery before I left home, it was "three bars", aka full.  When the comp. started I turned the camera on and took a few snaps and suddenly the battery display was red, warning low battery.  Sigh.  I should have charged the battery regardless.  Of course it sure would be nice if the battery meter was actually accurate, instead of terrible.

I managed to get about 40 images before the battery competely died, which is ok, but I had to keep the camera off unless I was ready to take a picture, which meant that I probably missed a few shots.  Oh well.  I'll try to never do that again.  You can see the pictures in my bouldering gallery.

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