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Garden Status: End of April

At the end of April, the garden is starting to bloom.  It has been a cold spring, so many flowers seem to be coming up later than usual.  The backyard Bloodroots are up, flowered and starting to go to seed.  Virginia Blue Bells are up, and starting to flower.  The little Trout Lily leaves are poking their heads up, along with our Trilliums.  The Wild Ginger is starting to open and the various False Solomon Seals are starting to sprout as well.  A few others of note, I am seeing some Twin Leaves, Wild Gernanium, Canada Anenome coming up as well. 

The shrubs generally appear to be getting started.  The Spicebush looks like it is getting ready to flower, the Pagoda dogwoods are opening, the Ninebark and Mapleleaved Viburnum both appear to be getting ready to start, although not too much activity yet.  The Red Elderberry is getting going with small leaves, and buds, but the Black Elderberry hasn't done much yet.

Our trees are starting to bud, but no real leaves to speak of yet.

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