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Summer Food 2: Adventures in BBQ

As I write this I am a hour and thirty minutes into my first "proper" slow cooked bbq.  You can read the up to the minute goings on via my twitter feed.  However this longer post is going to be describing the tools I am using.

Meat, rub, mustard.  I am cooking a 4 lb pork butt roast.  A cut of shoulder meat.  Following the recipe here, I made a rub and then applied it by first applying a layer of mustard and then the rub.  This was yesterday at around 5pm.

Here is a run down of the tools I'm using.

My gymboss interval timer.  Usually this is used for, you know, exercise.  However the timer can go as high as 99 minutes, so I have has set it for 6 intervals of 60 minutes.  I've has also used this timer for grilling, 5 intervals of 2 minutes for cooking steak, and pork chops etc.

A grill thermometer.  I am using this to measure the temperature on the grill, as opposed to the temperature read by the thermometer integrated into the barbecue lid.  More accurate temperature monitoring means more accurate cooking.

This is my little smoke box.  You fill it full of wood chips.  The box is then placed in the bbq and heated until the wood starts to smolder.  This creates smoke that helps to flavour the meat.  Unfortunately, I messed this part up and did not heat the box high enough to get the wood smoldering.  So no smoke this time.  :(

The machine.  This is my Weber Genesis.  The cooking machine for today's little experiment.  1 burner on at lowest flame seems to maintain the internal temp at 225.

The meat as it just goes on, around 1pm.

The meat after the first hour.

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