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Native Garden

I bought a house three years ago.  In that first summer I decided to try to develop an all (or at least as much as I could) native plant garden.  There are a few reasons, to support native flora and fauna, to save on water, and in no small part, because I am a little lazy and would rather have a garden that grows without needing too much maintenance.  The summer of 2011 will be my third summer.  There have been many projects, that did not involve plants, cleaning up a lot of garbage, replacing old busted shed with a new one, tearing down the remains of an old structure (basically two cinderblock walls) and removing a bunch of (mostly non-native) trees. 

Now all the major stuff is done and I can really start focusing on getting the garden going.  I did plant some stuff in the previous years, but the really central part of the yard is mostly bare.  My previous years experiments with plants have given me some good ideas about what will succeed, so now I think I have to start planning out (and filling in) the central area.

I'm hoping to post about the various plants I have tried and post photographs of the various stages of the plants.  As it is still too early in the year for planting, I am going to post about the plants that I have and the plants that I want to add.

I should probably point out that I live in the Waterloo region, so the plants I am using are most native to that region.

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