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Photography Introduction

My name is Darin and I am an amateur photographer.

Hi Darin.

I first tried photography when I was in high school.  I used my step-father's camera and developed my own black and white film in a school lab.  I stopped shooting for a while, I couldn't afford the film and developing.  However once I finished school and got a job, uddenly I could afford a decent camera, and they were digital.  I didn't need to develop, I didn't need to print.  I could just take pictures and save them on my computer.  It was all so easy.

Sometimes it feels that way.

I'm a smart guy, a technical guy.  I know how shutter speeds and apertures work.  I know about depth of field, the effect of focal length on depth in an image.  I know all that stuff, but I still struggle to take a photograph that I would want to print and hang on the wall.  Why?  Because I'm not good at the art, the vision.  I struggle with composition and story telling.  Many of my images are technically fine, but fail to be interesting.

My goal is to become a better photographer by becoming a better artist, not by becoming a better technician.  I am going to post new images in my galleries on this site and try to post about images and my attempts at becoming better.

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